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The Feasibility Study Project Management Template

March 30 2010

Method123 announced today that it has released a new Feasibility Study template as part of its Project Management Kit.

When you perform a Feasibility Study what you’re really trying to do is come up with the best solution for your organization from a short list of potential alternatives.  Without the right tools, it can be a very arduous effort requiring extensive time and resources – not to mention dollars – that are better spent elsewhere.  Method123 is changing all that by creating a Project Management Template that is both easy to use and full-featured in order to provide its customers with a simple solution to make the best decisions possible.

“This new Feasibility Study template will really help your organization get a handle on whether or not a project should happen,” says Method123 CEO Jason Westland.  “It basically guides you through the entire process of identifying the need, reviewing all the possible solutions, and helping you choose the best one based on several criteria.”

Method123 is positioning themselves as leaders in Online Project Management with their new project management template offerings.  Their Project Management Kit contains more than 50 project management related templates covering all of the documents and deliverables that the project manager needs in the course of managing an engagement.  With over 1 million kits sold to companies worldwide, Method123 truly has become a leader in the online project management methodology marketplace.

“We’ve worked hard to present the user with templates that are easy to use and very applicable to everyday project planning,” says Westland.  “And our newest template – the Feasibility Study – is no exception.”

Created by professionals, for professionals, Method123’s templates come pre-defined with the proper tables and forms ready to use.  There are even real-life examples in the templates for the project manager to use in filling in their own project data, making it easy for even the lesser-experienced project resource to complete.

The Feasibility Study template will help companies determine the best solution, regardless of the industry or type of business the company is operating.  With this template, users will be able to:

– Define the business need
– Compile requirements for your business centered around this need
– Review all the solutions that are applicable to your project
– Compile information for each solution to help determine it’s feasibility
– Do a thorough risk analysis for each alternative solution
– Select the best alternative for your need
– Create a feasibility report deliverable as a result of your efforts

The template is incredibly full-featured, containing extensive help and real-world examples to help you complete the form accurately and efficiently.  It also helps you throughout the Feasibility Study process with its self-contained procedures, tables and best practice processes built right into it.

It will literally guide you right through the feasibility process and help you ensure that every base has been covered when analyzing the different alternatives to come up with the best overall solution.  You will be amazed at the time saved using this template over traditional methods with other templates and spreadsheets.