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New Project Review Form Template

April 6 2010

Method123 has just announced the release of their latest template – this one is the Project Review Form template for the Planning phase of your projects.

The Project Phase Review is performed at the completion of each separate phase of the project during the overall project management life cycle.  These phase reviews are critical to the overall project management methodology.  During this important project management review activity, the Phase Review Form is filled out describing all project progress completed to date allowing the reviewer to make a decision on whether or not the project is prepared to move on to the next phase of activity.

“The project phase review is critical.  It’s the stopping point where key project decisions are made,” says Jason Westland, CEO of online project management template leader Method123 Ltd. “The project manager prepares this form with as much progress information as possible so the right go, no-go decision can be made for the project.  Our tool gives the project manager every chance to complete this form in detail so the best decisions can be made.”

Indeed, every template Method123 has created for their Project Management Kit product offering is chalked full of tips and helpful hints to guide project managers through the process of creating these very critical project planning documents.  Nothing is left to chance or guesswork.  Templates come with pre-filled in sections containing real world examples to make completing them a snap.  And of course, all the
project management templates in the kit contain very detailed instructions on how to complete the forms.

“At Method123, we’re here for the project manager,” says Jason.  “No one else out there is trying to make their job easier, so we take that on as our number one task.  We put all of our industry and project management knowledge into creating the best tool set possible for the project manager.  And we feel we’ve really hit the nail on the head.”

The Online Project Management community may feel that way, too, as evidenced by the fact that more than 1 million units of the Project Management Kit have been sold worldwide so far since it’s initial release.  And the template offerings just keep getting better.  The kit now boasts more than fifty full featured must have templates that make creating one time and ongoing project management documents very easy for the project manager.

“All of these documents are critical, we try to leave nothing to chance,” states Westland.

The Project Review Form is designed to indicate the following:

– If the project is running on budget
– If the project is on schedule
– If deliverables have been created, delivered and approved by the client
– If issues and risks are being tracked

The Phase Review Form documents:

– All findings of the project review
– Up-to-date project status as relayed by the project manager and team
– Issues that have caused an impact on the project budget or timeline
– Risks that have caused an impact on the project budget or timeline
– Milestones and deliverables accomplished to date
– Phase approval so that the project can move forward

For more information on this template or any of the other templates in the Project Management Kit, please visit Method123’s website at