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An Overview of the Feasibility Study Template

May 25 2010

Running a business of any type can be a challenging endeavor.  However, when you decide to expand or change the way your business runs you should consider using a feasibility study template to help write out your plans. This type of study is conducted to help explain to your potential investors why your solution will work for your business.

With the amount of risk that investors take when they decide to invest in any business, it may be hard for you to find an investor who will be willing to make the type of investment that you may need. However, if you present your potential investors with a full detailed report you are more likely to receive the investments that you need to complete the expansion of change of your business.

When you use a feasibility study template you will have a guide to walk you through each step of the process of writing out a well thought out plan. When you are writing out your study you should first start by explaining the problem with your business or the opportunity that you might have. This will help your investors understand why it is that you are looking for this type of investment.

The second item you should include in your document is the business requirements for this type of solution. This means that you will want to explain what type of items your business will need to have or achieve in order to start the proposed change or expansion. In this section you should also include alternative solutions as well, as this will help your investors see that you not only have a good laid out plan but that you have an alternative plan that you can fall back onto if for some reason your original plan does not work out as expected.

Another item you should include in your document are any risks or issues there might be associated with the proposed change or expansion as well the solutions for these risks or issues. This will let your investors know that you are aware of the risks involved and that you already have a way to solve these risks and issues and this will help your potential investors to see that you have a well thought out plan.

Remember that the more information you give to your potential investors, the more likely you are to receive the type of funds that you might need to start the change or expansion to your business. When you use a feasibility study template you should have an easier time creating a well written document to present to your potential investors.