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Microsoft Project Templates Used for Business

June 18 2010

The Microsoft project templates that are made for use in business applications have been tried and tested by companies for over 20 years. Microsoft still offers the standard temples as part of its Microsoft project software, but with so many businesses using them, there are plenty available for free on the internet.

For most purposes, there is one already made that can come close to filling your needs, it just might take time to find the correct one. The Microsoft project templates are made so you never have to start from scratch again. Since time is money, saving time where and when you can only makes good business sense.

The starting point that Microsoft project templates can give your project manager is the same that any well constructed template can give them. The biggest difference is the name behind the template. Just like Levi’s Jeans, most buy them because of the name.

The standard Microsoft project templates are not open sourced but if your team has the know-how, they can make modifications to the template to fit any particular need your business or project may have.

Each one of the Microsoft project templates that can be found on the internet have a beginning at a real business, so finding one that is applicable is very possible. The only problem some users have is the fact that one company sets up the template and someone else has modified it for their own use. The thought process behind both is different, so finding any cohesive pattern might be impossible if a modification is needed.

But like with many other things in this world, beggars can’t be choosers. So if you are using free Microsoft project templates, expect to get what you pay for.  For most, the money that is saved by acquiring these is lost when users have to actually use them for their projects.