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A Quality Plan Document Is Essential In Business

July 21 2010

Every business and government has at least one quality plan document in their arsenal of procedures. The reason is because of its importance to both a company’s reputation, and preparedness to deal with issues.

A good quality plan document has only one purpose. This is a documented process on how a company is to supply their customers with the quality of a product or services that is expected. To fulfill this need, the quality plan should contain certain components in it.

The quality plan document clearly defines the path on how customer expectations will be met. This path should be sufficient to achieve the required level of quality that is expected by the customer. The responsibilities of who is accountable for achieving this level of quality have to be included in this document.

The composition of a quality plan document is important if it is to be effective. The top priority has to include what specifically are the customer’s quality expectations. There should also be what the acceptance criteria are for the product and who is responsible for ensuring this standard is met to be included in the document.

There should be a section on the standards that are used in setting this level of quality. Some of the most used are OSHA, ISO, EPA, and FDA. Where appropriate, the standard should be referenced so verification is easy.

The project manager’s responsibility in the quality plan document should be defined with how and when he is to audit the process and how he will apply the quality control standards. These procedures are the backbone of the QC system.

This is the general makeup of a quality plan document that should be a part of any business or governmental institution. Just hoping your product or service is satisfactory to the customer is just wishful thinking. Verification is the best policy when quality is concerned.

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