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A Statement of Work Template to Follow

August 3 2010

To find a statement of work template on the internet is very easy. There are 10.6 million from the Google search alone. With that many to choose from, there should be something close to what your company can use exactly, if not very close. But can you afford the time to look through all of the examples? This is why so many project management programs include this vital template in their package.

The reason a business would use a statement of work template in the first place is to save time, and to use as a guide. This document is a narrative description of a request for work or supplies to be handled for a business from a third party vendor. This is why it is so important for this document to be as concise as possible. There should be absolutely no ambiguity in what you are trying to relate to the third party vendor.

What needs to be included in your statement of work template is very clear so that you will receive exactly what you need to proceed with your project. In the template you choose to use, there should be a section on the work breakdown estimates and schedule. The objectives, scope, and background of the requirements should also be listed and clarified.

Other key ingredients of a statement of work template are the clearly defined key delivery dates, and when the payment milestones will be made. This part of the communication is important for both parties. The third party vendor is only in business to make money, and by clearly defining when they are going to receive a payment is necessary information for them to proceed with meeting your deadline of the deliverable to you business.

There also needs to be an acceptance criterion of what the third party vendor will be supplying. With this stated in plain language, there will be no misunderstanding if the necessary quality of the deliverable is not met and sent back for replacement.

These are things the statement of work template can assist your resource manager with so the right resources are available on the time schedule you need to proceed with your project. If there is any ambiguity in this document, there could be a delay in the project that could have been avoided.