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A Job Description does Matter

August 19 2010

Most people are concerned about a job description when they are in need of employment. What one really is made up of are descriptions of duties an employer is willing to pay a person to perform.

There are other items that can be included in a job description. These can be any formal requirements an employer would need in an employee. In this list could include the minimal educational level that should have been attained by any prospective employee. There are also general lists of skills that may be required.

The more detailed a job description is, generally is directly related to specific requirements each applicant should have before they submit their application. While many applicants do submit a resume for a position they are not qualified for, most job seekers do not waste their time or hope on this type of venture.

The basic make up of a job description should include the job title, all the duties that are to be performed by the person who will be hired. The roles this position will fill along with the responsibilities of the position should also be clearly started.

The applicant’s educational background and any courses or technical seminars might also be listed or required in a job description. This is because of all the technical positions that need to be filled are not for the general population. Many are very specific and a good deal of training is required before a person can qualify for that position.

To prevent over qualified personal from applying for a position, many businesses place the salary and benefits in the job description. This way there is no illusion of grander for more money than what is stated.

For many people a job description either fits their skill level and background, or it does not. Most applicants do try to fudge their experience a little, but that can only go so far.