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A Statement of Work Template

November 25 2010

A statement of work template is used to develop a formal document so communications between your business and a third party vendor can be established. This is a very necessary and important document that has no ambiguity between the exact nature of your business and what you are requesting.

This statement of work template can be located in a project management office program many businesses already own. This is just one of the 52 templates that are supplied to assist the project manager with the planning and execution of a project for the company they are working for.

The purpose of the statement of work template is to clearly define which category of supplier you need to locate and relay this to a vendor. In this document there are clear definitions of exactly what you need for your project. This can be raw materials, equipment or manpower.

Also included in the statement of work template will be exactly what is needed to be delivered, when it is needed and where it is to be delivered. This allows the third party vendor to know all the specifics of what is needed so they can determine if they can provide the needed materials.

One very important aspect in the statement of work template is the specifying of the terms to which any and all payments are to be made. This is the document that can first introduce a payment plan for the receiving of the goods or services or exactly how the payment procedure will be handled.

The reason so many project managers use a statement of work template is because of its advantages. Not only can the document be created quickly, but also accurately. Since it is a template it is also a guide to what content should be contained in this type of document.

Included in most programs that contain a statement of work template are also real life and practical examples that can assist the manger in developing the document they need. While not every question may be answered, all the common one will be with examples to follow.