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A Request for Information

November 29 2010

With a request for information being sent by a company, they are informing the recipients that they are in search of a supplier of certain goods or services. This by no means is a promise to pay for any goods or even a proposal for goods, just the need for information.

The formal request for information is just as it sounds, it is a polite way of asking what is available, for what price and when can it be delivered. This type of document can be easily made with the help of a template. This template can be found in many of the project management office programs that are widely available on the market.

The reason a template from this type of program is recommended is because the request for information is not the last form that will be required to obtain the necessary goods or services that all projects need during their execution phase.

Along with the request for information, the other form that will be needed is the Request for Proposal. This is the one that specifically indicates that a payment will be made and that a delivery of specified goods or services will be paid for. When a project management office program is purchased, it will contain templates for both forms. This allows for consistency in appearance to be established with the recipient of the forms.

The template used for the request for information is preformatted so all the user has to do if fill in the required information. This will include specifically what is needed. It should also contain exactly who is asking for this information. This allows for the respondents to give a more accurate response to your request.

Once a number of requests for information have been returned a company, they can make an informed decision on which supplier of what they need, will be best for them to use. Once the decision is made then the Request for Proposals can be sent out and the information included in the scheduling of the materials.