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A Quality Plan Document

May 2 2011

The contents of a quality plan document have to take into consideration the needs of the intended customer while still making the deliverable a profitable enterprise. This is a delicate balancing act that needs to done correctly.

The creation of the quality plan document is generally created by the project manager or the quality assurance department in larger companies. Most of those personnel know the requirements and have made this type of formal document in the past. For those individuals that have not, a template can be used as a guide to assist them in its creation.

In order to create a complete quality plan document, the identification of all areas that need special attention will need to be known. These are areas where the deliverable could have its integrity compromised and be considered bad or out of specification. These specifications can include the length, potency, color and intended function of the deliverable.

Inside each quality plan document needs to be a set of quality criteria ranges so a procedure can be developed for each one. In this procedure the testing to ensure the deliverable meets its criteria are met then needs to be created. The exact number of procedures is dependent on the number of critical criteria points that are identified for each deliverable.

After the quality plan document is made and the procedures to physically check the described criteria are done, the monitoring of the entire process needs to be set up which also needs a plan of action. This will include a schedule on what is to be checked, at which stage of the process and how often during the production run on a daily basis. This can be done on a time schedule or number of units being produced.

The quality plan document is to serve as a voice for the intended customers to help make sure they will be satisfied with the deliverable. It is also a path of protection for the manufacturer to help make sure they are producing a quality product that will meet the needs of their cliental.