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A Project Charter

May 5 2011

The project charter is the guiding force behind any project and all the procedures that will be written to make it a reality. This is the formal document that has the project’s vision and objectives clearly stated. All proceeding documents will then take that vision and apply it to their processes so the correct path will be taken to achieve this as a goal for the deliverable.

In some sectors of the business world, the project charter is sometimes referred top as the Terms of Reference for a project. In either case the meaning is the same. This is the complete and unambiguity description of the scope that is the project.

Included in the project charter the inclusion of certain items for it to not only fit the description, but to serve the purpose for which it is intended. This has to include the complete list of critical project components that will be needed to complete the deliverable. The target audience and the stakeholders need to be listed also so it is know who is sponsoring the project and where the intended revenue stream is to be generated from.

To assist in the creation of the type of document, many managers are using a project charter template. This helps them with the critical process by serving as a guide and formatting the document in a known and professional pattern so the proper presentation results will be attainable.

The good project charter templates are know and often used project management tool that have practical tables built in to help properly express the deliverable along with the advantages of its production.

The project charter should also include a complete list of the team members that will be involved with the project along with their tasks they are to perform. This list should include the time table for which they should be completed so the upper management and the stake holders will know what to expect and when to expect it.

The project charter is the foundation on which all projects and their deliverables are built. The sounder the foundation with the greatest amount of detail, the better the plan that will be constructed to build the deliverable will be.