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My Project Management Book

May 9 2011

The exact contents of each project management book are dependent on the author or authors that have published this literature. As with all literature, the qualifications, experience and education of the author plays a critical role into how useful the contents are in the real world and its applications.

The focus of a project management book might be on just one discipline that the author is fully qualified to write about. These are in-depth analysis of a particular discipline that can give useful insight into an area previously unknown to the reader. The ones that are the most sought after are the same ones often neglected when planning a project. This includes the risk assessment and analysis, along with the quality plan.

The reason a project management book does not delve too deeply into these subject matters is because most do not realize their usefulness until it is too late and there is a problem with the project. A large amount of the time, it is also ignorance on the subjects themselves. This is due to the managers not having the proper vision to see the whole picture.

While it is true that not every project will encounter a project-halting risk, many do. The project management book that covers this subject can better prepare the manager when this occurs. One fact is for certain, that there are real risks out there lurking and just waiting to pounce on an unsuspecting target. In some instances, it appears they have a mind of their own and cause great havoc. But since these are unseen hazards, they are very often ignored.

The other subject to have a project management book on hand is the one that deal with the quality aspect of a project. When a manager gets to the level of experience that they feel it is a privilege for the consumer to purchase their product, the quality of that product could slip very easily with disastrous results.

There are also general types of project management book that are available that can also be useful. It depends on your needs and knowledge base that will determine which one is right for you.