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The Sample Feasibility Study

May 16 2011

With a sample feasibility study in hand, a manager can see what target audience was gone after in the past for ideas on who they are and what might be appealing to them with future deliverables. This is the only purpose of this kind of document. To identify who is willing to pay for what so a company can develop a revenue stream by taking advantage of this need on the market place.

In many instances, there cannot be a sample feasibility study found that is exactly like the one you will need. In most cases, there will be several that can be found which will be close in many of the necessary categories to help with the creation of your feasibility study.

How a good sample feasibility study is useful to a manager depends on the ideas that are given and a direction in which to pursue for their own advantage. This can be in the number of alternative solutions to a business problem that is plaguing your company, a different target audience that has not been previously explored before by your company, or the type of deliverable you are proposing.

With most project management template programs, there usually is several sample feasibility study included on each category, if not more. With this as a resource, a new approach can be taken by the manager that the stakeholders might not have seen or thought about in the past.

The use of a sample feasibility study will also reveal any risks and issues that could be associated with the new approach or target audience. This way, your presentation will be a thorough documentation of the good and bad that could result if your company peruses this new approach when in search of a new revenue stream.

The sample feasibility study is a good starting point for any manager to use when needing to start their own study. Going in blind with only the knowledge of what one has done in the past is the best way to reproduce the same thing, as in the past. In most cases, the new ideas are what is approved so new avenues can be explored.