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With a Good Project Plan, a Firm Foundation is Set

August 4 2011

The setting of a good project plan in place by a project manager a firm foundation can be established to build off of for your project to be based on. To make this document as sound as it will need to be all begins with the way it is constructed.

The use of a project management tool is the most common since the age of the computer entered the daily business routine. This tool in helping the project manager in creating their project plan is a project template program. This is used because not only is it a good guide to what is working in the industry today, but all of the details needed have a space already outlined in the template.

By using a template in creating a sound project plan, you will not forget any of the important details that will be necessary for the plan to be completed in the detail that is necessary for the project to have a chance at being a success.

For those that think a set of templates is not necessary, remembering all 11 of the processes that are needed to in the creating of a sound and complete project plan is a large task to undertake. That is a great deal of information to remember when the difference in a successful and unsuccessful plan is in the details of its construction.

There are some project managers that assign portions of the project plan to others on their project team. This is plausible when they are specialist in their fields. A good example of this is to assign the head of the quality assurance department to create the quality plan of the overall project.  They are the right fit for this task since they now the resources they have available in checking the quality of the deliverable along with the necessary procedures to do the task correctly. If there is an additional procedure for a new deliverable that will be necessary, then they can create it because they now it will be required in the near future.

Creating a project plan is not something that should ever be taking lightly. The most detail that is includes, the less ambiguity will occur when the project team is following what has been laid out for them to do.