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Project Planning Template is a Wise Place to Start

August 8 2011

The incorporation of a project planning template to help a manager begin the documentation process for their project is making use of a time saving tools. This is one of the ways many of the project managers have migrated to so they can achieve their goal of having their deliverable on the market faster. This allows them to get a foot hold before the competition can offer a rival product.

Each project planning template is part of a larger project management program that offers many tools to the manager that can be used to help streamline every phase of a projects lifecycle. Each template is a preformatted document that has specific sections that have to be filled in for it to be considered complete.

The project planning template not only has every section a manager needs to completely document a process, but it is in the same order that is actively being used in industry. This is an important concept. With some project plans in the past that were constructed from scratch, the order would be different according to what that particulate manager would do.

With the new project planning template, each process will be created in the same order each time it is used, independent of which of your project managers use it. This way the project teams will know how to find any particular section of the project because the documentation process is now consistent.

When using the project planning template, the choice the manager has to make is which of the 11 process they need to document first. In nearly every situation the first two are the Business Case and the Project Charter. After those have been presented to the stake holders, the other nine can be composed to the liking of the project manager.

The use of the project planning template is the way most project mangers now make the most of the digital world for assisting them in preparing and documenting their projects. This reduces the amount of time necessary for this tedious process so the execution phase of the project can commence as soon as possible.