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Using a Sample RFP to your Advantage

September 15 2011

The best way to use a sample RFP to your advantage is to make the terms in the proposal to your benefit without hurting your vendor. By taking into consideration the differences in the economic environment when the sample was used as to the current environment you can justify a precautionary section.

The justification for the inclusion of a situation from the sample RFP that is carried forward to the present request for proposal is that the business environment is constantly changing. This can be as simple as a cost reduction in the raw material that is being supplied if the global market value of it changes before the full delivery of the material is made.

The explanation to your third party vendor should include the sample RFP so they know its validity and will not question its authenticity. This will help to avoid any possible misunderstandings between the two parties involved which might lead to a delay in receiving the necessary material for your project.

Another common use of a sample RFP when creating a new Request for Proposal is to note any changes that your third party vendor has asked in the past. This will help to speed up the process of acceptance by all involved because past issues will already be included in the Request for Proposal.

The sample RFP just as the present Request for Proposal is a formal document where the terms of a legally binding agreement are clearly stated. This will have to include the quality and quantity of the material being purchased. The material itself also has to be clearly identified so you will receive the exact material you need for your project.

Also included in both the sample RFP and the present RFP are the costs of the material and the delivery schedule that should be kept.  This way both parties will know exactly what is being purchased, when it should be delivered, the cost or payment schedule of the material.

The use of a sample RFP is the fastest and easiest way to make sure you have all the necessary information about a past agreement so the present one can be signed without delay.