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An Effective Change Management Plan for Proper Implementation

October 7 2011

To have an effective change management plan, many different factors must be present. The most important is the creation of the plan itself to fit the needs of the business that is attempting to institute a change.

In the early days of business a change management plan was as simple as posting the change on a bulletin board. Today the business world is vastly more complicated with many different components needed to be factored into the implementation of a change.

One of the most important things established in a change management plan is the strict control over the entire process. This will eliminate any changes from occurring that do not have the proper authorization by the management. This will allow for the management and project manager to always be in control of the project so the deliverable will meet the goals and scope of them  project.

While good changes to a process can start from any level within an organization, there must be a limit to who has the authorization to fill out the Change Request Form. This has to be clearly stated in the change management plan so no ambiguity is present. A protocol within the plan for eliminating of proposed changes at the lower level should also be clearly defined.

A section of the change management plan that is often overlooked or forgotten about is the change registry. This is where all of the submitted changes are recorded. The reason to keep a record of the unapproved ones is to save time in the future if the same change is proposed. It can also influence whether a previously disapproved change will be given consideration on the second or third go around.

The instituting of a good change management plan will set forth a positive path for any changed to be approved and implemented in the most effective manner. By having control over all of the changes, the management and project manager will be able to best guide their project to a successful conclusion more of the time. This will help the company’s production of revenue and help to keep you in business.