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Project Templates are a Digital Resource

January 2 2012

The modern project templates are a digital resource that will never need to be replaced because it is worn out. This is a project management tool that has many uses and is portable so you can use the computer you wish to when it comes time to start creating the documentation for your project.

The number of project templates that are currently available to assist the project manager in creating the documentation for their project is at 52. This will include all 9 of the process that are necessary to be completed before the execution phase of the project lifecycle is commenced. Each of the templates for the processes include a clearly defined path for proceeding with it that will help the project manager not to forget any of the necessary details that need to be included. With the project templates for the processes are many real life examples to assist the project manager if they have any questions on what should go in any portion of the template. There are also charts and table strategically located throughout the templates so the project manager can clearly define the process they are documenting.

There are also 41 project templates that cover the supporting documentation and forms that will be necessary to run a modern project for a deliverable to be produced. This includes the RFI, RFP, and Statement of Work so your contractor knows specifically what you need and why you need it. The forms you will use in-house are also includes in their package. This includes time sheets, expense forms, change of register, issue and risk forms to name just a few.

There are also step by step instructions included for all the project templates so there is nearly no way a miss understand can occur when they are being filled with data. This allows for them to completed easier and faster than if you attempted to do them or just one from scratch.

The modern digital project templates are a management tools that saves time and money. This also allows the project to proceed to its execution phase faster so the deliverable can hit the market faster than your competition.