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The Project Lifecycle Leads to Success

January 26 2012

The use of the project lifecycle methodology will make a large contribution to the success of your business. This is the approach many organizations use to lay out the path they need to follow when using a project as a source of revenue.

The basis of the project lifecycle approach is to break it down into four distinct phases. There is the initiation phase followed by the planning phase. After that come the execution phase and then the conclusion to your project.

The initiation phase of a project lifecycle is where the basic concept of the business venture is tested to see just how viable it really is. This will include the all important feasibility study. This is where the target audience is identified along with the alternative target audience. The best product in the world is useless if you cannot find a buyer for it.

This first phase of a project lifecycle is also the place where the goals and scope of the project are laid out in the business case. This is the document that the rest of the project refers to for specifications and requirements so the deliverable that is produced will be what it was intended to be.

The project team is also appointed in this first phase of the project lifecycle. This is done so they can be assigned task in the project and know what their responsibilities are before they are required to undertake them.

The next phase in the project lifecycle is the planning phase. This is where all of the documents are fully prepared for each of the 9 processes that will be needed to run a successful project. This is now generally done with a set of project management templates. These preformatted documents make the document part of the process more effeicent and accurate.

The execution phase of the project lifecycle is where all the processes are activated then monitors so precision control over the processes can occur. This is the phase that takes all of the documents that were created in the planning stage and they are put to use. The better the planning stage is completed, the smoother the execution phase will be. Then there is closure where a deliverable is ready to be introduced to the global market for the creation of a revenue stream.