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A Productive Feasibility Study Report

February 2 2012

For a feasibility study report to be productive it must contain all the information that will be necessary for an informed decision to be made.  This is for all of the concerns of the stakeholders on the deliverable in question. The more information that is included in this report, the better chances of the correct decision will be made about this business venture.

The creation of the feasibility study report is generally assembled by the project manager. They are the leader of the project team and ultimately responsible for all of the work and completion of tasks preformed by their team members. They should be able to notice if the report is complete or if there are gaps that still need to be filled once the team members hand in their reports.

The feasibility study report has to include not only the information requested by the stakeholders about the viability of the deliverable, but much more. The desire by the target audience to obtain the deliver able is very important along with the price range they are willing to spend to obtain it. Just because a deliverable is popular, if there is not an audience that is willing to make a purchase at a price that is above what it cost to product the item, it will not be a profitable business venture.

Also located in a feasibility study report has to be the alternatives. This will include not only who might be interested in make a purchase of the deliverable, but for how much. There must also be information about how the deliverable can be slightly modified and how the changes were received. This can be as simple as a color change or as drastic as a size difference. It also has to include the region of the study and just what locations were tested. Even different regions of the same country could have different results so make sure the focus is not to narrow.

A good feasibility study report will be the difference in whether a deliverable that is profitable will be produced. It will also save a company money when it discovers the deliverable will be a money pit.