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Learning from a Example Feasibility Study

February 6 2012

There are a number of things you can learn from an example feasibility study.  There is data on the personal choices of different countries and regions from past project you can apply to your current deliverable. There are also the approaches to marketing the target audiences that can be used.

When looking for the right example feasibility study to take information from, notice the similarities of your business venture to the ones you are looking at. You should also take into consideration the region of the country or world you wish to market your new deliverable too. In many instances you will already have some of the information you need to complete your feasibility study before you begin if you know where in your files to look.

In an example feasibility study of a successful project is data that contributed to the success of the project. It could be the color the deliverable was produced in or the size of the packaging. Each region of the world has its own personal preferences to different characteristic of what they desire and think looks appealing. What you need to be careful of is that what is acceptable in some regions are totally rejected in others.

When looking at an example feasibility study from the Far East you will notice that warm colors, even pink are acceptable by both men and women for the products they purchase. This is in sharp contrast to America where masculine colors are preferred by men and the soft colors by women. It all depends on the personal taste of the community to what can be sold to them in reference to the appearance of the product.

The price of what a region can afford to pay is also located in an example feasibility study. There are many places where a product would be useful, but the price is too much for them to afford it. Knowing that a places income level from past feasibility studies can help to narrow down your target audience.

The use of an example feasibility study is a great way to get a starting point for your current business venture. Just remember as time passes so do the taste and spending patterns of every region of the world.