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Change Management Model is a Useful Guide

June 25 2012

The change management model is a useful guide when you need to develop a process or plan for a successful path of incorporating change into your organization. This will give you a path to what has worked in the past for another organization. You should also be aware of that even with a model being complete; you will still need to make certain modifications to what it is presenting to fit your particular needs.

The change management model is a generic outline that can lead to your organization developing a successful change management plan. The main paths it has can be used, but the detail is where you need to focus on for your plan to be successful. The details are where your new change of management plan will be moulded to your organization. You will need to be specific in the areas that will be involved in the process along with just who will be giving the approval.

The change management model will be a great guide to follow, but use your instincts when writing the change management plan. The personnel you have on staff are only known to you and not the person who created the model. If you know how to successfully deal with your staff so they will be receptive, it must be included in the plan. This will allow the implementation of the changes to occur with a reduced amount of friction from the staff.

Remember the change management model is a suggested path to follow. Not everything included with it will be applicable to your organization. Variations that need to be considered are the size of your staff and the hours they work. This is really important for those organizations that have different shifts when the facility is occupied.

The change management model is a great guide, but only a guide. If your plan resembles the model exactly, there is a good chance there will be some problems when you attempt to being implementing any proposed changes. Modify your approach to fit the needs and personality of your staff for the best possible results.