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Using a Planning Template

September 10 2012

By using a planning template for your next project, you just decided to reduce the preparation time required to begin the execution of your next business venture. This will save you money and frustration down the road when the project schedule becomes more complex.

Because of all the activity involved in a project the use of a planning template for each one saves a considerable amount of time. With all of the tasks, activities, processes and phases of a project accounted for there are on average 52 different project planning templates included in a complete project management office program.

The basis behind the planning template for a project is a preformatted form. In this form are sections preallocated for specific data to be filled into. Each of these sections is placed in an order in the document so it will flow in the most constructive manner known in the business community. When the same template is used that a previous project plan was created from, portions of that plan can be easily copied and pasted into the new plan when none of the variables have changed.

Inside each planning template is a selected section that is available for a visual image to help clarify a point. This can be in the form of a graph or chart which the project manager decides to use. These preplaced visual tools have all the required set up in place so only the data has to be filled in to create the visual image. This again will help the project manager save a considerable amount of time in planning their next business venture while not jeopardizing the quality or detail of the project plan as a whole.

The planning template have a hidden benefit most are not aware of, they make it possible to document all of the interdependencies of your project in a manner that is constructive for your project team to understand. This permits the project plan to be followed in the execution phase of the project’s lifecycle with fewer delays because there are questions or some confusion.

When using the project planning template for your next business venture is advantageous to your organization. It will help you to save time, money and reduce confusion when producing your deliverable.