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Timesheet Template

February 25 2013

The use of a timesheet template can bring your organization consistency in the manner in which time spent on a project is documented. The use of a timesheet is regulated by the items included in the template. For this reason, an organization must know what is available to them and how this new information can be used to benefit them is of an upmost concern.

The top priority that has to be included in a timesheet template is the monitoring and control of how the time is spent by the project team. The recording of time has been done since the first time sheet was introduced to the business world many years ago, but the inclusion of more information is new. By having a space in the timesheet for the inclusion of what was accomplished, or the components of the project that were worked on, it can be a source of valuable information on just how the finite resource of time was spent by your employees.

Each category you include in the timesheet template will then be filed in by your employees on a daily basis. This will make a formal history of just who was doing what during the planning and execution phase of your project’s lifecycle. This will allow a review of just how long it takes for a task on average to be performed. In turn, this will let the project manager make a more accurate schedule for projects in the future when a project of this type is undertaken again.

The timesheet template can also be used to create new areas to be recorded easier and faster than by manual means. Information is power and the more the manager knows on just how this finite resource is being used in their project, the greater chances they have at bringing it in on time and under budget. The use of overtime is a devastating blow to both of these restraints.

The many uses of a timesheet template and the information it includes is the decision of the project manager and the organization they are working for. Choosing the categories wisely will make the information more valuable on future projects.