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Available Quality Management Tools

August 5 2013

The available quality management tools for use by a project manager have increased in the past few years. Not only has the number of quality tools increased but also the types of task they can now accomplish. This has broadened the capabilities of just what the project manager can accomplish with them.

Today’s quality management tools include the project management templates that help the quality manager to create the necessary documents so a quality plan can be established in writing. This is not only useful when needing to follow the quality plan and the goals it has set out, but is also in many of the standard regulations of the industry. This requirement is made so your regulators, inspectors and clients alike can visualize see your plan and determine if you are in compliance.

What is relatively new amongst the quality management tools in use today is the monitoring software. This allows for an instant comparison to what is being produced on the production line in the execution phase of the project, to what the required specifications are. This allows for the project manager to know if the component being checked will be acceptable or not. If a series of rejects start to be produced, then the problem has to be located and fixed. This will reduce the amount of waste being produced.

Another of the quality management tools in use today is production of documents that will help your organization deal with the rejected products. There has to be a written procedure to perform this or any other action by your personnel. Having the ability to create a working document that can be followed by your quality control team to check, and then possibly bring them into specification of an otherwise rejected part can help reduce the total amount of waste your production line is generating.

The use of quality management tools is to help know what you are really producing in the execution phase of your project lifecycle. There are also those that will assist in the proper monitoring of your product as it is being produced and when it is a finished product. This will help you to achieve your goals of only releasing a quality product. This will facilitate an increase in the credibility of your organization amongst the target audience.

Article offered by Brent Westland