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Project Quality is Job One

October 21 2013

The project quality your deliverable will have has to be one of your priorities. This does not necessarily mean the highest possible level of quality, but rather a consistent level that can be measured and trusted by your customers. They have to know what they are receiving will measure up to their specification each and every time.

To have this type of sustainable level of project quality, you will need to have a well thought out quality project plan in place. This will require you to take the information from the feasibility study to see just what the market place is looking for in the type of product you are creating. This allows you to set the level of quality at what is in demand. There is not an increase in profits for increasing the level of quality in most instances since most of your customers will not be willing to pay the price for higher quality of goods.

By knowing the level of project quality you need to obtain, you can then have the many processes and methods to be developed that will be necessary to check you deliverable. This will not only allow you to stop any inferior products from going on the market place, but help you to pinpoint any places in your production line that might be causing you problems.

There also needs to be a project quality assessment program. This is where your staff can be involved in the constant improvement of your deliverable. Since they are the ones that have the hands on experience in the production of your product, their eyes and ears can be used as extra members of your quality team. This will help to increase the consistency of quality your product is capable of along with the reduction of waste since fewer inferior deliverables will be produced.

The objective of project quality is to have a steady stream of consistent products ready for sale on the market place. This will make it possible for your customers to know what they are getting and rely on your organization for their supplies of the product you produce.