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A Project Management Life Cycle

January 6 2011

When the right project management life cycle is followed by you or your business, there is a set methodology in place that is known. This follows a set pattern that has been established that produces positive results.

The reason the …

Project Management Life Cycle

October 7 2010

A project management life cycle is more than just another way of doing business, but a particular path that is already documented. For each new phase and process, there is already in place a documented procedure to follow.

Specifically, the …

Project Management Life Cycle for Business

June 21 2010

When the right project management life cycle for a business has been established, many businesses get into trouble when it is not properly followed. A well-disciplined leader is needed to keep the company’s business plan on track and on focus …

Project Lifecycle

June 20 2010

The specific definition of what a project lifecycle is can be easily defined. A very basic way of defining it is the time from the inception of a project until it is completed. There are different phases it will go …

Project Life Cycle of Project Planning

June 19 2010

A project life cycle is the logical path or sequence of events taken by a team or individual to fulfill the goals of any specific project that is to be undertaken.  The first step on this path is the initiation …

The significance of a Project Dashboard in your Project’s success

June 8 2010

In a fast paced world we live in today, a lot of people utilize technology as much as they can to keep up with the everyday tasks they need to accomplish both personally and professionally. In the workplace, an individual …

The Project Management Life Cycle

May 23 2010

Any project you are preparing will proceed more smoothly and with greater effect by understanding and utilizing the Project Management Life Cycle.  It will assist you in narrowing the focus, keeping objectives in order, and of course bring the …

Establishing Project Management Goals

April 22 2010

Establishing Project Management Goals

Every project has goals, right?  In fact, without goals, you really don’t have a project.  Actually, there’s usually not a lot of work to setting up the goals for your project – it’s often taken care …