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The Project Management Book of Knowledge for Business

July 11 2010

Equipped with a project management book of knowledge about business, a person trying to learn more about business and the way a successful one is run now has a guide.

In a project management book of knowledge, a person …

Project Management Book Is More Than a Guide; It Is a Path to Success

July 10 2010

A project management book is a systematic breakdown of what will actually work to make a project be successful. Inside each one is a list of processes and procedures the author has used to guide past projects to a successful …

What a Project Guide Is

July 9 2010

Knowing how to properly identify a good project guide can save a project manager a great deal of time.  This is an instructional manual that, if written properly, takes a complex issue and makes it easy to understand. This is …

A Project Book Is a Guide to Success

July 8 2010

A project book is somewhat better known as a project management book. This is a collection of instructions on how to properly manage people in the work place that are part of your team. Knowing how to get the most …

What to Look for in Project Management Templates

June 19 2010

Project management templates are continuously proven to provide managers the results they need.  They do not only help in saving effort, time and money but it also gives out a hundred percent assurance that all the phases and aspects of …

Project Plan Software Release

November 26 2009

New Project Planning Software Released

Today, Project Plan Ltd announced the release of a suite of innovative new Project Planning software for managers and teams.

The software uses leading edge technologies to allow Project Managers to create a Project Plan

Tips for Running Project Meetings

September 9 2009

Do you regularly have to attend Project Meetings? If you do, then read these tips to learn how to run them quickly and easily…

Tips for Running Project Meetings

Everyone dislikes meetings that drag on. So your job is to …